• when i quit i actually smoked an entire pack of cigarette suntil i became ill. i never smoked after that. i just smoked so many that they made me sick of them.
  • You have to want to change your lifestyle - If that isn't there - then don't bother. Once you commit to changing your lifestyle - ask for help from your friends to keep reminding you of what it is you're trying to achieve. And stay strong and don't give in to your cravings - willpower is an awesome virtue.
  • I was down to 2 cigarettes a day and a buddy convinced me down to one-- I'd smoke the 1st half in the morning, and the 2nd half in the evening. After a few days, I decided just to smoke the 1st halves and saved the 2nd halves of the cigarettes in a baggy. So when my fresh pack ran out, they were all I had left. Two days of smoking week old refries was all the motivation that I needed. I’ve only tried taking a drag or two of cigarettes since, but it was much to my disliking.

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