• 1) Obama didn't blow a fortune on anything. The money that paid for his house was stolen from the taxpayers. 2) There is no such thing as "Climate-Change". It's a false narrative to do away with fossil fuels in a scheme to drive taxpayer dollars to electric sources to obtain their power - sources that corrupt officials have been investing in since "climate change" became an "issue". A few decades ago, the big "panic" was the "hole in the ozone", prompting officials to ban aerosols - until they found out that they couldn't ban them enough to make a difference. Suddenly, you never heard anything about it anymore. And we managed to survive the "catastrophe" quite well. Then there was the "cutting down the rainforest" scare - and again, they were proven wrong when it was observed that the rainforests were actually able to grow back (imagine that!). Now, they have invested in mining the minerals needed to make batteries for electric vehicles so they can line their pockets with sheep dollars. But who points out that mining these minerals is harder on the environment than drilling and transporting oil? Certainly no one with something to gain. And when it does get pointed out by people who think for themselves, it quickly gets buried. The earth has been taking care of itself for millions of years, purging toxic waste that builds up (hence, the hole in the ozone. It's still there and it moves around. It's the earth's "exhaust" mechanism that expels built-up waste). Climate change is a scam.
  • Of course the climate changes and has since at least when man got kicked out of the garden of Eden. Many of the same ones preaching a coming global flood deny the flood of Noah's time saying there is not enough water to cover the earth. I have great confidence every time I see a rainbow that the earth never will again be covered with water.
  • I believe that a trend of global warming is occurring, yes. *** My home is probably not far enough above sea level if - say - all of the World's glaciers were to melt in the next year. But that's not going to happen. *** Remember: we're talking SEVERAL DECADES (like: 2100) before the worst possible computer simulated consequences actually occur. They won't be around to see their house inundated by global-warming-caused sea level rise. That is: by the time that happens it won't be their house or their problem.
    • Linda Joy
      But they claimed the world would be underwater in 10 years if we didn't implode our economy trying to stop it!
      I don't know who claimed that, but I haven't read any such claim.
    • Army Veteran
      LJ - that comes from the idea that the icebergs are melting. (((REALLY?))). Have any one of those special-ed "experts" EVER put an ice cube in a glass of water? Did the water overflow as it melted? Did the water level rise AT ALL? Someone should teach them what "displacement" means.
      1465: the problem is, perhaps, not so much the ice cap as it is the glaciers...which are on land, and which - if they melted - would (eventually) end up in the ocean. Especially Antarctica, which has huge amounts of glaciation, but also the Himalayas and lots of the land of the northernmost continents (including Greenland) have lots water held in glaciers, water that is not in the ocean but conceivably could be if they all melted.
  • I do believe that the world climate is changing. I don't know how much of that change is attributable to humanity though. Climate has warmed and cooled many times over the epochs of the planet. My home is approx 4300 ft. above sea level.
    • Linda Joy
      I think you're safe from the flood, and not so high you can't breathe. WTG!
    • dalcocono
      Yup. I think you're right about that.
  • I believe the climate is changing simply because certain plants that you could never grow in the UK because the climate was too cold, can now be grown, and certain insects, plants etc are struggling to survive the change in seasonal weather. But the way in which politicians and elites behave, I don't think they give two hoots about it other than making money, and exerting control over the cattle, sorry plebs, nope serfs, I mean people.
  • i often think ,man has caused big problems for the oceans etc , because man has filled many parts of the bays/seas etc in with dirt and tar etc and stick cement bags out in the waters and build cement walls etc and change the way the water flows all around the world ..this is done all around the world and man has done that for donkey years so thats gotta cause huge problems , and the bible says the wise man builds his house upon the rocks and not on the sand etc .all these hotels and homes are built on SAND and they are the ones going into the seas and oceans etc
  • the hightide mark at Frankston beach is still the same as it was 45 years ago. My oldman use to take me to Frankston when I was a boy he liked to see the high tide on the biggest tide of the year. It was in the same place on the biggest tide this year I went and had a look. Plenty of land errosion has happen . according to google levels I live 100 meters above sea level who knows how right that is as the same map shows the near by open cut mine as a thousand meters deep in reality its about 500m's deep.
  • I guess that you've never been to Tuvalu. NOTE: Having no natural resources, Tuvalu's income is derived from leasing the internet code .tv to anyone in the world. More importantly, their highest elevation is 4.6 metres (15 ft) above sea level.
    • mushroom
      They get a lot of international aid too.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Tuvalu's primary donor and partner in humanitarian aid is New Zealand. Tuvalu maintains close relations with Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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