• If you believe the Scriptures and the story about how Lucifer tried to overthrow God and was cast out of Heaven, then you have to believe that Satan is real - as real as God. You can't believe in one without the other. Whether you consider Satan to be an actual flesh-and-blood "being" is up to your own interpretation. The Bible says that Jesus cast out demons from possessed people so the ball is in your court.
      Just wanted to make a point: "If you believe the Scriptures and the story about how Lucifer tried to overthrow God and was cast out of Heaven"...but, that story cannot be found in Scriptures. It *can* be found in much later works. Note also that the word-name "Lucifer" is a LATIN translation of a Hebrew word. The ENGLISH translation is something like "Morning Star". The Bible never uses the word "Lucifer" to refer to Satan.
  • I believe he has come in the form of a Democrat.
    • Hulk70166
      For Verily, you are correct. Hear These words my child and abide by them all the days of your life. All Good Things come from Democrats. - God.
  • Asking what Protestants believe (about any religious matter) is like asking what thousands of different people believe (about any disputatious matter). It's because there are literally thousands of different Protestant sects. Some teach one thing about Satan. Some teach another. And some (quite a few) allow pastors to teach whatever they want concerning this matter. *** That being said: NEARLY all of the Protestants that I've personally known believe that Satan is an actual being. But: one OUGHT to be aware that many Protestant denominations do NOT teach so, and that many individual Protestant preachers do NOT teach so. *** SO: what you've been told is definitely wrong. *** A final point: I can't help but notice that you've overlooked the Orthodox category of Christianity, which denominations are separate from both Catholic and Protestant. As far as I know (and I certainly might be mistaken), all Orthodox denominations teach that Satan is an actual being.
  • When referred to as Ha Satan ie The Satan. However, yetzer hara is man's evil or sinful inclination. In the Talmud he is an agent of God, adversary, often equated with The Angel of death. In Jewish Mysticism Kabbalah he is demonic, a leader of demons.

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