• I certainly hope so. It is SICK that healthcare companies are making record profits. No one benefits from private healthcare except those companies. The amount the healthcare companies spend on advertising and whatnot could be completely eliminated were there a national system. This could greatly reduce rates. Doctors hate them. Patients hate them. Hospitals hate them.
  • I can't see it ever happening, because it is BIG business, and all Americans know that the rich rule our country. There is way too much money in healthcare for the rich doctors and medical organizations to relinquish any of their power and profits. Sad, but true.
  • I hope not. Let's fix the problem with the 46 million people who do not have health care, but let's not cut the care of the 250 million that have health care. Unless you're building a bridge or paving a road, government is not the solution to a problem. I see the government taking over as the last nail in the coffin of freedom in the US.
  • i would be nice but pharmacuetical and insurance companies will never allow it. They're getting so rich off of us its disgusting. When is enough enough for the greedy bastards. My answer is never.
  • Less than 200 years ago in France the rich got their heads chopped off because they had exaggerated, why wouldn't won't this apply to the US now or in a close future?

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