• You mean the word "Indian" in reference to Native Americans, and it's true that the word "Indian" in reference to Native Americans is no longer politically correct terminology in the U.S. I point out that this is an issue specifically in the U.S. Other nations of the American continents have different terminology (though often similar issues with the traditional terminology being politically correct or not).
  • The use of the word "Indians" has indeed come into disuse because of political correctness. But when you consider political correctness as a Communist tool for dividing social classes and discriminating against minorities, it becomes a matter of censorship. They were called "Indians" initially because Columbus was looking for a route to India. When he landed in the West Indies and saw the natives, he thought he was in India - so the people became "Indians". There's nothing derogatory about the word. The sports teams you refer to did what they did "in the name of political correctness" without consulting the "Indi" "Native Americans" about how they felt about it. They aren't the only ones being pushed out of their identity. Many common grocery items such as Aunt Jemimah Pancakes and Uncle Ben rice have been targeted without the consent of those who were associated with the product. The woman who represented Aunt Jemimah Pancakes was greatly disappointed - she said she was proud of that role. But like so many others, she became a victim of political correctness. And as time goes on, we're all finding ourselves with less freedom of speech because of it.

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