• none of them
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      then what...
  • I usually just say they were drunk. Here's a list of synonyms:
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      thanx Linda joy
  • Blotto
  • Disgusting. I hate, hate, hate alcohol and what it does to people short term but especially long term. What is even worse are people around the alcoholic that won't admit to themselves much less the drunk that he has a problem. Meanwhile they are killing themselves and it is taking a toll on those around them. The loved one is refusing to see what is right before their eyes. Rehabilitation shows the family just what you are made of. It shows them you love them and are willing to be an example to those one or two people around you that need the exact same thing. Man-up and do the right thing. Get into rehab today. there is no "good time" to go. You just have to do!
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      Strong feelings Percussion, the occasional celebration glass is allowed.
  • I have used, "wasted", "zasted", "gone", "pickled", "snockered", and my personal fave, "&hit-faced".

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