• Typically we don't. I've lived here for about 27 years and haven't even seen a tornado yet. Some places do get a LOT of tornadoes...and if they don't have a basement (for example: if they live in a trailer park without a tornado shelter, or an apartment building or home without a basement, all of which are very common situations), then they just have to hope that the tornado doesn't hit their home.
  • Experienced people have learned one thing about survival: never live in a mobile home - God hates mobile homes. Taking shelter in interior rooms gives a little added protection by insulating you from flying debris outside. Hiding under heavy objects such as beds or in bathtubs helps to protect you as well. And stay away from windows and underpasses. The best protection is to not be there - listening to the radio and maintaining updates usually gives you a chance to get away from the path of the storm before it reaches you.

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