• You should not my cousin use to
  • not many in my neighborhood
  • No Have 2 of them that come around here I caught one of them in a live trap once and they are so mean I dumped him out I was trapping for racoons have many of them around here and some of them are sick with distemper so I feed them to the buzzards. They have to eat also March 21 2022
  • I have not seen any lately.
  • Not on purpose. I did have a bag of food left at my door once and a cat helped themselves. I used to, until I learned that if you feed them, legally they belong to you and you have to get them their shots. But, hey, who doesn't like a little Stray Cat Strut?
    • mushroom
      Stray Cat Strut is fun; stray cat scat, not so much. (see comment a bit below)
  • They avoid me. They think I look Chinese.
    • That's It For Me
      I'm dead. That is so wrong lol
  • No you wont get rid of them. The same as feeding pigeons you get more pigeons poo'ing all over your building. Or giving beggars money a line of beggars will appear. if you feed the stray cat it will become your cat. Feral cats are a problem around here the council in my town traps lots of stay cats but the reason they do that is to get revenue when the owner goes and bails there cat out. Some of the factory's i goto they have cats for mice control they say those cats never come near me they smell out cat lovers and get food from the workers that like cats those cats were strays that moved in,
    • mushroom
      Where I lived, neighbors complained about the geese and their debris on the property. The geese sometimes even refused to move for cars entering the driveway, so some folks decided to release cats to scare the geese away. Turns out the cats weren't much cleaner, but the geese never woke me at night.
  • If I saw one, I would feed them.
  • Yes I would feed a hungry stray cat.
  • ONLY IF I wanted to keep it!!! You feed a stray, it's yours for life. My former neighbor started feeding hungry strays. She ended up with 25 pregnant cats & eventually over 200 kittens. Fortunately, where I live now, we don't have a large stray cat population so I'm not even tempted!!!
  • I do sometimes I just have a soft heart and always feel bad for them
  • If they come around hungry I will feed them.

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