• Other than age, what's the difference between them?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! They both share similarities. I'm asking who do people like better.
  • Madonna rocks
  • Madonna is the Bride of Satan (She was even called "the Queen" at the Eurovision song contest in 2019). If I was to choose (and I wouldn't), Madonna would definitely NOT be one of the options. However, I can understand why she would be attracted to some people. Her performance at the above-mentioned "contest" was a tribute to COVID 19 - before it was even publicly known about.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Thanks for sharing! Interesting take. There are many bad things on the internet said about Lady Gaga. That she likes to blaspheme against God with songs such as Judas, Born This Way, the Alejandro video and more, has been possessed by demons, suffers from anxiety, has consumed illegal drugs to she is a man. All this is spread on the internet. I'm curious to know who people like out of the two famous Pop singers.
    • Army Veteran
      I couldn't comment on Lady Gaga, actually. I have no interest in her music genre. Madonna is more familiar to me from her roles on TV and in movies back when she and Sean Penn were an item. I've never cared for her music, though. I did watch her in the Eurovision song contest because her satanic theme was the topic on a Conservative website that I subscribe to which pointed out the connection between her satanic rituals and the events playing out in the battle against globalism.
  • Madonna has reinvented herself in every decade. I like Gaga, too.
  • I wouldn't put Madonna on ANY list to be considered - she's a Satan worshipper.
  • What are we voting for? I mean: is it "Better Singer"? "Better Songwriter"? "Hotter when she was 21"? "Most brazen strumpet"? What?
  • Madonna signalling to Mary, and then singing "Like a virgin touched for the very first time" and basically promoting how to act like a slut, and Lady Gaga, Gaga, meaning losing your mind, and then re-enacting cannibalism and other sacrilege acts, says it all really. Then bring on Billy Eilish singing about lucifer, much like tori Amos, and once in a interview Madonna said she was wearing a lucifer ring, then see the Lucis trust who believe the fallen angel lucifer is the saviour of mankind a gnostic belief, an organisation supported by the UN, it's laid bear for all to see. Even if you are an atheist, is this really what you want your children listening to? If you just listen to their songs, they are utter nonsense, rubbish and sex, nothing moral, good or interesting, in any of it. They care not to rise above the animalistic self, but to indulge in it which is what satanism and luciferianism is. Madonna is actually what they refer to as a siren, she copies people, nothing new at all. By the way witchcraft is simply speaking or singing words that you then copy and sing, because words create vibration and intention and are influential. This is why God said let their be light, and there was light. This is why cursing is frowned upon in the bible, this is why the body is to be Holy like the Father is Holy. Take for example Queen, a line from the song Bohemian Rhapsody is "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me," and everyone copies and sings it. Madonna in the song Erotica sings !My name is Dita I'll be your mistress tonight I'd like to put you in a TRANCE If I take you from behind PUSH MYSELF INTO YOUR MIND When you least expect it Will you try and reject it? If I'm in charge And I treat you like a CHILD Will you let yourself go wild Let my mouth go where it wants to? Give it up, do as I say Give it up and let me have my way I'll give you love, I'll hit you like a truck I'll give you love, I'll teach you how to I'd like to put you in a TRANCE. Hence, they sing the songs, and then you sing the songs, and fill your head with nonsense that affects your behaviour. Same as television repeat, repeat, repeat, but do not think. for yourself, or question any of it.
  • Lady Gaga imho much better singer, performer than Madonna.
  • It depends, with or without makeup - Madonna is prettier.
  • never liked some of Lady Gaga's music

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