• When it fails the cost saving will be eaten up every time. I've put heaps of home automation devices in, Majority of them are cheap rubbish made in China with life span of 10 years or less. From smart switches to air conditioning controllers. Spend the money on energy efficient lights to start with, turn off unnecessary appliances and lights.
  • It's mostly convenience. *** People who care about energy waste and who can afford "smart home" devices are already turning off lights when not in use and using programmable thermostats if and when those would provide a cost-savings. *** Want your home to be more energy efficient? The most useful thing you can, especially in an older home, is increase the insulation and, if your home has inefficient windows, to install energy-efficient (read: multi-pane) windows. You should also make sure that your doors are sealed well. Many smart phones have an infra red mode which allow you to take pictures of windows and doors (from outside) to see where the heat or AC is most leaking out of your home.

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