• I don't mean to be rude, but forget home remedies. Take your child to the nearest hospital/doctor immediately.
  • Call your pediatrician. It may not be worth a panic. The doctor may tell you to add some water to your baby's diet, or they may prescribe a suppository.
  • It's typical for children to go a couple of days without a bowel movement. But once it gets to 3 days, it's time to worry and seek professional help.
  • Give your baby 1 oz of Gerber Apple Prune Juice his/her baby bottle.
  • Give your baby 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. My wife and I have to do this with both of our children many times. My wife's great grandmother told us about it.
  • We bought toddler glycerine suppositories and cut them in half long ways when our son was that age. That worked very well. Something else that always help was mixing a couple of teaspoons of Cairo syrup with 2 oz. warm water and feeding it to him in his bottle.
  • put a little karo-syrup in his bottle and I promise that will do the trick.
  • My daughter had BAD constipation problem when she was a newborn/infant. The doctor told me to get Baby Suppositories and use as directed. It worked really well.
  • Breastfeed children can safely go up to 14 days without a bm. DO NOT give your baby anything besides Breast milk, formula or water, without talking to a dr.
  • 1 oz of prune juice or pear juice added to milk in bottle.. that is what our pediatrician reccomends. ask your dr first.
  • Call your pediatrician!
  • It sounds like you're not giving your baby enough water. Not many realize this, but milk isn't that healthy for a baby. Mothers give their children milk with the mistaken idea that it is fulfilling the body's thirst requirement. But although it's in liquid form, milk is considered food and doesn't provide the benefits that water does. The body is composed of 75% water and this water level must be maintained - water regulates every function including bowel movements.

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