• School Teachers why are they more important than everyone else?What about all being equal?
    • DancesWithWolves
      Well, that sounds good too
  • School teachers have an extremely important job, educating our kids for the future., They usually get stuck with dealing with language problems so they have to teach the kid English. They also get stuck with behavior problems so they have to be a psychiatrist, they also get stuck with abuse problems so they have to get stuck with being a guidance counselor. They don't get paid for all this but they do it because they love kids. They are special. They are also more important to societies well being than ditch diggers are - who probably skipped school. 😏
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you, Hulk70156
  • Have you ever been in a hospital and had a bad doctor, or a lousy nurse? Well think about having a bad teacher. They can really ruin your life. That happened to me. Teachers are important,😐
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you, Hulk70156
  • And no one defends the veterans? Typical here. I'm a veteran and taught school and disabled and over 55 and I only get $784. a month to live on. How much do you get DWW? And how long have you been living off the taxpayers? Multiply that up and you've gotten FAR more than me. AND I WORKED FOR A LIVING FOR 30+ YEARS!! Your lies have become disgusting! You leech off the taxpayers and then complain its not enough? This sickens me! How much have YOU PAID IN to the tax pool? You know what I think? You need to be thankful for the money you get that you never earned and stop complaining. You'd have enough money if you'd quit spending foolishly like buying new phones all the time!!!
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Linda Joy: That's what the Feds pay individuals period. Doesn't matter if its SSI, SSDI, Social Security, Veterans etc. Don't beat up Dances with Wolves. He's not your problem. Complain to your Congressman.
    • Linda Joy
      I have enough! I'm not the one complaining. He's the one lying about how much we get. He's the ungrateful one complaining that a life on disability is not enough. Its disgusting!
  • It's true that if school teachers were paid -say - equal to doctors, that the "finest minds" and most ambitious minds would seek to be teachers, and THAT would likely improve the quality of education tremendously. However: it's capitalism. There are relatively few doctors - compared to teachers - and everyone needs them. There are a lot more teachers than doctors, and they are typically pretty easy to replace, AND the qualifications - the standards required to be met to become a teacher - are a lot lower than they are for doctors. It's simple economics...unfortunately.

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