• I'm not sure
  • Ignore it - a mandate isn't a law. They would have to comply only if it was a law - and only Congress can pass laws. Biden uses words like "it's a requirement" - no, he's lying. It is NOT a requirement. He just *claims* it to be a "requirement" through his fantasy of being a dictator. People who have lost their jobs should take their employers to court.
  • stand up as one, say NO and give Biden and his leftist tyrants in Congress, and corporate America, a HUGE finger!
  • If people don't want to safe guard their associates, they need to find other jobs.
  • They can get the shot or find other jobs. TAKE the SHOT!
  • You need to vaccinate your kids for polio, mumps, etc to get into school. If you don't want to get vaccinated, find another job or stop being selfish.
    • Black Mystique
      Public schools require vaccinations. The homeschooling option does not.

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