• I changed my socks - three times, I think. I don't look that far into the future anymore. Having heart failure, I count the days - thankful for each and every one. I'm in pretty good shape, all things considered. I'm fully independent and live in a basement apartment, so I have stairs to contend with every day. But I'm doing quite fine.
    • Linda Joy
      What stage heart failure? They told me I had HFpEF. But I think the tech just had me too far on my side when she did the echo.
    • Army Veteran
      They never mentioned a "stage". I had a defibrillator implanted in my chest back in 2014 and it's gone off twice - the most recent on New Year's Eve. My main concern is being on 3 blood pressure meds - I'm trying to find the cause so I can fix it.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you considered sodium may be the culprit? Here's some info if you wanna look at it:
  • Hopefully a little wiser. I'm not liking where this generation is going to be honest, but I'm sure those before me said the same. I can't even begin to imagine ten years, just getting through day by day at the moment.
    • Army Veteran
      I almost said that but thought "how can I improve on 'THIS'?"
  • I'm ten years older. * I'm fatter (though I'm working on that now). * I'm in much poorer health overall. (Before I got little but regular exercise. Now I get almost none. Plan to change that in the near future, if I am able.) * My hair is thinner with more white/silver/grey (but still no bald spot, amazingly). * I've become less strict about personal hygiene (but am working to restore to my previous degree of strictness) - for example: currently I don't brush after every meal * I eat better (not MORE, but BETTER for you) * * * Ten years in the future? Not sure I'll still be alive. I'm hoping to purchase a house before then, so if that happens my living situation should improve tremendously. Assuming I'm still working my "day job" (I also do fly-by-night web site programming), that will mean a long-ish drive to work every day, and of course regular home and yard maintenance (things I do NOT do now).
  • I sold my business, living off investments and loving life.
  • I retired and I am spending my children's inheritance.

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