• They can print whatever they want, but it wouldn't be legal tender. Money production is carefully and closely regulated by the government. It can be done only at authorized centers and using authorized materials.
  • No. They have no need to. They steal what they need from their depositors - it's called "interest". Banks are the only business that makes money without producing a product.
    • Victorine
      The interest is paid to the depositors in return for the use of their money. It's not being paid by depositors to the bank. Banks may charge fees for certain services, but that's not interest.
    • 1465
      Ever hear of a "loan"?
    • Victorine
      Darling, you really aren't very bright, are you? Have you NEVER taken a serious economics class? Obviously not. I am laughing as I type.
    • 1465
      I am NOT your "darling". So tell me - what product do bans produce to make money? I'll wait.
  • No. And they're only required to have about 10% of your money there available for your withdrawal at any one time:
    • 1465
      That's what caused the collapse of the stock exchange in 1929 and the subsequent great depression. Smaller banks were enjoying the credit they were allowed and used it to invest too heavily in the stock exchange. Once the big banks lured them in, they quietly exited the market, then made a margin call and the economy collapsed like dominoes.
  • Why are these questions under dating?
    • fiachrab
      i piut under the section money matters and dating,i got no choice as i dont know where to put it,theres no sections that say money only
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      The top of the page says "SOCIAL SCIENCES ? ECONOMICS". Does it include dating your banker?
    • fiachrab
      no thanks for help though
  • The Federal Reserve Board tells the Treasury how much to print. This is based on the amount of assets are in the system. About 6% usually.
  • The Federal Reserve (Central Bank), can print money as it pleases, but it doesn't because it will then devalue, and they won't get enough labour from the people. Money is printed in accordance with how much people are willing to loan, remember this is a debt society. Anyone can make their own money, but it has to be looked upon and accepted as legal tender in order for people to use it. Then it will go into the system as any other IOU, but the likelihood of them allowing you to do this, and upsetting the cartel is slim.
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  • Only the treasure can print money. Its prints what the Federal Reserve tells it to. The Federal prints 6% of all bank assets. That's how new money entered the system. The Fed the sends money to the bank via armored car.
  • They don't need to print money they create it out of thin air. Banks are required to have only 10% of a loan on hand. They create the rest of the loan on a computer screen. The borrower must pay the loan off including interest. A loan of $1000 requires $100 in cash. $900 does not exist. The bank or lending institution collects all $1000 plus interest.
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