• Ask your psychiatrist, dear. I suggest you see one. Anyone who would feel the need to post this little tale here could use the help.
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    • Nitrogel
      Why though? If someone naked sat in front of me or was covered in bees I would also look.
    • Victorine
      Dear, the issue is why you felt the need to post this. And I might point out that this girl, assuming she actually exists, didn't choose to sit in front of you. You've got problems, sweetie. Get professional help.
  • yes you should be ashamed of yourself. you have no sexual self control. if you're not a perv, move your desk back and ignore her.
  • You moved your desk so you can look up a minor's skirt? This and your answer to another question suggest you are in need of professional help. She is not more guilty than you for wearing short skirts, she isn't guilty of anything, you however are behaving like a sex offender. If she tells her mother you could end up with a ride in a police car, if she tells her father you could end up with a ride in an ambulance.
    • Nitrogel
      Her mom buys all her clothes though, and she knows you can see everything. She just doesn't know how often my eyes just go there
    • Professor Yaffle
      Stop trying to shift the blame, you're perving on a minor. You moved your desk so you can perv on a minor. How she dresses is irrelevant, you're the perpetrator, she's the victim, you're 100% responsible.
  • You'll have plenty of time to feel guilty while you're filling out the police report at the ER after the girl says something to her mother about it.
    • Nitrogel
      But her mom buys her those clothes
    • Victorine
      I hate to tell you this, dear, but the way a girl dresses doesn't justify the behavior of a creep. And I think you're a troll. You have no idea who picks out or pays for someone's clothes. You don't go shopping with her.
  • Yes its wrong to look up that female teen's skirt first she doesn't like it . She feels uncomfortable, embarrassed You are being quite inconsiderate and disrespectful of her feelings. Plus she's underaged. If you want to take an Australian view*make sure she's a woman and she gives her okay. *Australian view. Named for the land down under. ie looking under her skirt or dress she's wearing.
  • No but I would keep your attorney's number handy.😆 Having sex with a minor is called Statutory rape. It will get you jail time.
    • Nitrogel
      Gross! I wouldn't touch her, I think it's ok to look though, but sometimes feel guilty
  • You shouldn't be looking up a minor's skirt, and she shouldn't be wearing clothes that make her feel uncomfortable. Her mother shouldn't be buying such revealing clothes. And if you feel guilty you shouldn't do it.
  • It seems pretty clear that everybody here thinks you are a creep and you have a lot to feel guilty about. You have posted in an answer to a question here on AB that you used to spy on a 13 or 14 year old neighbour, you got to know her mother so you could get closer to her (sounds like grooming to me) and you stole her underwear (do you think that was the girl's fault too?). You are demonstrating a disturbing pattern of behaviour and don't seem to realise that you are in the wrong. Get some professional help before a judge orders you to or a teenager's parent carries out their own "justice" on you.
  • It's not your fault you like it, you are a guy but if she didn't like it it's a little different. When I was 16 used to catch my sister's friend looking up my skirt from time to time, until I figured out I could get him to do almost whatever I want if I let him get a good look or didn't wear panties, so I somewhat enjoyed the experience

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