• That's what they all say! haha. Been there, done that! No thanks!!! I've been happily divorced for 20 years this time, and ten years before that.
  • Unless my husband of 35 years dies -- and probably not even then -- I won't be thinking about remarriage. He's one of a kind, and I don't want any other kind.
  • You'd have to fall into the categories of either fascinating or intriguing. You'd have to know stuff that I don't, useful stuff, and practical stuff, and be able to make me laugh. But I'm getting on in years and I have a man that fulfils these requirements to a point. So I'm sure there's someone out there for you, someone that will make you a better person, someone that will challenge your viewpoints, and will make you grow. People are very good at teaching you about yourself, both good and bad.

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