• It's an idea long fanatically promulgated by the moralists, ethicists, humanists, and impose and enforce their particular brand of social control on everyone.....because they know what's best for you, and you will thank them one day. Why do you suppose the Linnaean taxonomy includes every known life form, except man? Ask the scientists, watch them squirm, listen to their half-assed answers, challenge those answers with the elenctic method they themselves pretend to revere, then watch how fast they turn into snarling chihuahuas! The veneer of civilized decorum is always thin indeed, but never more so than with the intelligentsia.
  • We were given dominion over the animals by God. But that doesn't mean we are superior to them, it means we should manage and care for them for our benefit. Many animals are faster, stronger, better swimmers, have better eyesight, etc. The coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960's, if I remember correctly and is linked to bats and pangolins. It was manipulated by the Chinese government. We are better able to think than animals by and large. I seriously doubt any of them could produce an immunization for themselves. I heard on the radio the other day over 50% of deer tested positive for covid 19. I don't think any single dinosaur lived millions of years, and personally I think they lived on another planet. Pieces of which were later used to form earth. I try my best not to force anyone else to believe as I do. And I have become less astonished at the opinions of others after I realized that we are each given different information when we search 'the net' based on our own beliefs and biases. So if someone has different information its not so surprising they have different opinions.
  • *** #1 *** Because we are the dominant species (currently). *** #2 *** (related) Because of civilization. That is: our ability to create, to build, and to record and pass on information in a way that is useful to future generations. *** Point *** H. Sapiens has been around for AT LEAST 300,000 years - that is, surviving THROUGH the last two "ice ages".
  • People can be arrogant meaning they think they are above other species when they are not. Animals should be treated with respect but unfortunately in the real world there are bad people who mistreat animals and don’t value life. That’s their problem. As a human being, I see myself equally to other animals because we are on the same planet. People who kill are criminals and should be in prison for the protection of others. You mention the “enjoyment of killing”. That sounds criminal
    • Linda Joy
      Are people who kill plants criminals? What if they kill a dream, or an idea? ; D
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Plants are living things so in a way the person who has killed a plant have done wrong. They have no respect for nature. Killing a dream or an idea is psychological and not criminal
  • because humans have opposable thumbs. I help animals that don't.

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