• Doubtful. In the regions where large numbers of people aren't being vaccinated, many employers probably aren't being vaccinated either. They're not demanding that their employees get the jabs.
  • No, it's because a handful of people are spreading misinformation about the vaccines and convincing people that something terrible will happen to them if they get the shot.
  • I've not stopped working. Frankly: it's too far to walk.
  • When Trump was pushing the vaccines, the Democrats (Kamala Harris specifically) spent months degrading the vaccines and the effort. Now, the shots are suddenly crucial to the survival of the American populace. People, are reasonably cautious and suspicious.
    • pipey
      I suppose your evidence that Harris spent months degrading the vaccine and the efforts came from WND or another far-right propaganda rag. Nothing of the sort happened. Democrats were pushing for a vaccine. Now we have Republicans praising Trump for getting a vaccine out so quickly, then refusing to take it. We have Fox News hosts who had the vaccine telling people not to take it.
    • Hulk70156
      Like this report from the NYTimes about Tucker Carlson. He should be put in jail for attempted murder: Fox News hosts who had the vaccine telling people not to take it Look up this story from the New York Times Despite Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated, Fox News Hosts Smear Shots,about%20to%20r
    • Kevin1960
      The New York Slimes? Really? Talk about misinformation. The lib media spent years lying about everything Trump. They lied to the point where the people don't know who or what to believe, anymore.
  • Yeah, that's it.
  • some people who survived covid don't need to get vaccinated again. their own immune systems responded and eradicated the virus. besides some people are having bad responses and side effects. this "vaccine" is NOT FDA approved, it's only EUA (emergency use authorized). 5-10 years from now, everybody vaccinated could come down with Parkinsons and cancers. whole generations could be wiped out, not to mention the health care system. And on a global scale because these vaccines are being shipped all over the world.
    • mushroom
      Can you point us to any peer-reviewed scientific articles suggesting any sort of serious long-term side effects? It is reported that in various age groups, between 0 and a fractional percentage of participants had serious adverse reactions. There's no way to know if you might have a serious reaction, but there's a very large risk of serious illness and death if you contract COVID while unvaccinated.
    • Hulk70156
      Good for you!
  • they are afraid of future effects

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