• They probably have student loans to pay off. Not to mention operating costs and leases and such. I have no idea what they charge.
  • Yes it's Criminal how much they charge, I'm just glad us brits have the NHS so we don't have to worry about such things but vets are far too expensive.
  • yes i sure do!! ..less animals would suffer if vets weren't so expensive,they are worse than doctors
  • It costs just as much to go to vet school as to medical school, and it requires many of the same skills and levels of knowledge, much of the same education. Medical care may seem to cost less only because most human patients have health insurance. And imagine if you were a farmer, say, whose livelihood depended on the health of your livestock. You wouldn't think vets charged too much.
    • Chicagoan
      Right on point, V! Excellent post!!
    • Victorine
      Vets often specialize, and they need plenty of extra training to do that, just like MDs. The University of Pennsylvania, where I earned my PhD, has one of the top schools of veterinary medicine in the country and is especially well-known for the treatment of horses, including valuable racehorses. I hope no one imagines that people just out of vet school are let loose on those animals? Of course not. Vets undergo 3-year residencies to specialize, just as MDs do.
  • I do. It seems animal care is nearly as costly as human medical care,
  • Don't get me started. they charge as much as human docs! I first got the fluid sucked out of a cyst on my cat's back for $200. then when the cyst filled back up with fluid they told me my options were to live with it or surgery. I tried to live with it but the fur around it fell away and then it oozed fluid, so that was my gross out threshold and I had to spend $1100 for surgery. It was the dead of winter so she caught cold and had to get antibiotics for another $65. My health issues don't cost this much!
  • If you have ever taken your pet to an Emergency Vet (24/7/365), you might need to take a second mortgage on your house.
  • Yes, Vets forgot the war is over and they wanted to charge my cousin $750.00 + to spay my cousins, Maltese so we took her to the Humane Society and they did it for $145.00
    • Chicagoan
      See --- that's what I mean, this is what I've been saying!! Rather than people whine about the cost of something, use another option! There are alternatives! Great post, DWW!!
    • DancesWithWolves
      You're Welcome Chicagoan :)
    • Black Mystique
      I have used the Humane Society a lot when I was younger and didn't make a lot of money. Now, I can't find one in the city that I'm in now.
  • I grew up on a large dairy. Vets are necessary for the health of animals, and worth every penny. To this day, I'm amazed how they figure things out - because animals can't explain like human patients can - they can't explain what ails them, what hurts, what they are feeling, what they are having trouble with... the vet has to figure everything out on their own.
  • Of course. When my dog got sick i fed it beer and it stopped moving the next day. I cured it's illness
  • yes but they have equipment to pay for, staff and student loans

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