• I like it.
  • A very unique name! How thrill Queen Elizabeth must be to have a great-granddaughter bear her nickname of "Lilibet" as the first name. And what a tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales that her granddaughter has "Diana" as a second name. It is probable that Prince Harry and Meghan advised Queen Elizabeth of the name that they chose to name their daughter, though Prince Harry being sixth in line for succession to the throne may not have been required to seek the queen's approval of the name selected for their daughter. The daughter of a duke does have the courtesy title of "lady" though its usage may be discouraged by Prince Harry and Meghan.
    • Victorine
      6th in line is high enough that approval must be obtained from the monarch for marriage, though not necessarily for the naming of a child. Yes, in the UK, baby Lili is officially "Lady Lilibet". When her grandfather Prince Charles becomes king, she will become "Her Royal Highness, Princess Lilibet," though Charles may decide to alter the title protocols put in place by King George V, so that children of younger sons of a monarch will not be royal.
    • RJ
      It is rumored that when Prince Charles becomes king, he would "streamline" the monarchy by limiting the number of Royal Highnesses, which may result in Lady Lilibet not having the style and dignity of Royal Highness.
    • Victorine
      Yes, that's what I wrote.
  • They should've gone with "Indiana Jones". Seriously.

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