• It depends on how long the leadership continues to promote fear. A good number of states have already successfully returned.
    • Douglas Wade
      I agree.
    • Linda Joy
      Most have here.
  • Given that a great many people HAVE been working, I don't think it's going to be a problem. And most people who owe rent have been paying it. It's far less of an issue than you seem to think.
  • Not a problem in red states. it's only a problem in blue states that foment socialism, where the gov't pays able-bodied people to stay home and be a burden on society. bad enough working Americans have to pay for all these illegals streaming across our borders, now we have to pay for citizens too! This country needs an enema!!
  • If people aren't paying their rent, they should be evicted. The property owner still has bills to pay also. The leftists shouldn't be giving people a free pass.
  • Companies have started to recall employees.

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