• They can only correct me if I'm wrong. If I was wrong & they show me that without insulting me then I've been informed & educated.
    • Linda Joy
      So if they insult you you haven't been informed and educated? And lots of people try to correct others when they are not wrong to begin with. Do I detect a bit of arrogance here? Are you never wrong? Or just confident in your academic or educational advantages? I became much less confident in my education when pluto was demoted. And when I learned about synergy I realized that even math can't be counted on 100% of the time! So, what I've learned is that there is very little I know 100%! And anything I think I know can change with new information and better tools to analyze with.
    • Professor Yaffle
      No, I can be insulted & informed but I prefer to be informed without being insulted & I'm more likely to respect someone who corrects me without insulting me. I agree people do try to correct others who are not actually wrong, and quite often the person who is wrong is the most confidant they are right. Arrogance? I hope not, & if so it was unintentional. I'm often wrong & don't mind being corrected nicely. I also agree about Pluto, just think how many text books needed replacing! The fall of the Soviet Union & the splitting of Yugoslavia & Czechoslovakia have rendered most of what I knew of European geography completely wrong!
    • Linda Joy
      "...and quite often the person who is wrong is the most confidant they are right." So true! lol. I've been that person a time or two! And after moving books more than once I'm thankful most of them can now be found and updated online!
  • No not at all, however them disagreeing with me doesn't necessarily mean they are right and I am wrong when they seek to correct me.
    • Linda Joy
      Very true!
  • nope but if they always disagree, means they are an arguementive person and id not like to be their friend ....also their opinions dont make it fact
  • Nope, but I ALWAYS fact check anything said, and if it turns out to be twaddle, I will let them know....and if it turns out they are right, I will also let them know. Anyone can be wrong, but it is the epitome of retardation to be proven wrong, and then ignore it.
  • You should ask crybaby Don Trump that question! LOL!

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