• I'm usually trying to figure out the best way to make something that I need, or how to overcome some sort of obstacle/problem. The answers usually come clear when I wake up in the morning.
  • A lot of different things. Most prevalent is about God's words. As long as my mind does not wander off. Lol!!
  • anything thats bugging me
  • family.
  • The connection between earths resources and the sustainability of adding many more people and the folly that may occur.
    • dumdum
      Occurring -- we be there. Not just the numbers, also the mismanagement, the indifference to our ignorance.
    • Ice man
      @ dumdum - I wish I could give you a "thumbs up" for your comment, you're right !
    • Linda Joy
      I think the bigger problem is the management and distribution of resources rather than the actual sustainability.
    • B.H. Wilson
      I was reading that you could put the entire population of the world on the island of Maui. (shoulder to shoulder)
    • Linda Joy
      I've heard a lot of similar analogies.
  • Why -- there are not more deep thoughts / serious considerations. We driving this car straight off a cliff and --- worried that our hair is going get mussed, mindless of the approaching impact. Other then that, not much.
  • anything thats deep
    • Roaring
      like what?
    • Rick Myres
      It could be a deep body of water. When I think of it it is the bathtub.
  • Writing sermons about the love of Jesus Christ and what He does for us in my mind.
  • Today I was thinking about designing an awesome museum for the blind. Everything would be touchable. What would I put in it? I began designing many wonderful things. There are no wrong answers even for things that don't exist as yet. I am most proud of a device that will instantly form an image to be held by someone. Not out of a material as we know it but to of an energy that can be felt and feels exactly like a solid object but it is not. You could say make me a cow and it would form a hand held size cow down to the last detail. I can't tell you anymore about this substance, I have a couple of theories on how to bring it into existence. Actually making it would be up to people who know a lot more than I do. I usually invent things. I get ideas all the time. Many of them the technology isn't available to make them possible but it is fun thinking about it.
    • Roaring
  • What is possible in the way we live and how we treat each other. The next great inventions that are possible now and in the near future. How to express better how much i love and care about my friends. Sometime sitting with a deep sadness that has no reason.
  • I'm in deep thought most of the day. I think about how to cure cancer how to make the world a better place what I can do to make someone's day better I go over previous conversations to make sure I got the meaning right I practice grammar I think about my family I think about God and Jesus and the Hindu religion. Oh yeah and I think about what needs to go on my grocery list haha
  • I think about: how very deep in thought I am...
  • I think about many things and try to sort them out in my head like visualising a jigsaw that must be placed together. When I am deep in thought which is a usual thing for me, my brain is a computer sorting out files like you would see on a laptop or PC. In a poetical sense, my thoughts are in a spacious sky underneath the atmosphere of my skull. I like to say certain things that's on my mind but there are private things in there that should not be shared with the world like my bank account details. Nobody should be too open with what goes on in their thoughts because there are certain details that are highly confidential that nobody else should know about.

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