• I welcome the opportunity to post questions about non-British royals. It is easier if the category "British Royal Family" be designated simply as "Royalty" which will include the world's royals. I used Yahoo Answers for over 10 years, and that site had a category simply titled "Royalty." Users of Yahoo Answers posted mostly questions about the British Royal Family, and it was exceedingly rare to view questions in Yahoo Answers about non-British royals.
    • Victorine
      I suggest that you start posting questions involving non-British royals. I shall do the same. Let's see what we can accomplish.
  • Just post it under politics and modern events. Or celebrities.
    • Victorine
      I think most people would be looking for a specific "Royalty" category in which to post. Modern royals in general have no political power, for one thing. They don't run governments.

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