• People are sick and tires of trolls.
  • because they are run by liberals who preach equal rights, but censor anyone who opposes them. They are some of the most prejudiced, and oppressive people I know, buying votes with handouts instead of liberating them. Its disgusting.
    • Victorine
      Every site has conservatives who report and censor. This is an equal-opportunity activity and always has been. Blaming liberals only is blinkered and naive.
  • Most of the social media sites are nothing more than appendages of the Democrat Party. They're forcing their ideology on the American people via censorship and exclusion. They conveniently ignore issues which don't feed their agenda.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Oh, you mean like your precious Fox News, who locked out Trump for a while. I bet you were setting your hair on fire when that happened! LOL!! Little Buttplug didn't know where to piss himself.
  • it's not good people are banned because of their opinions ,especially if they are not acting nasty in the way they share their opinions ..
  • the 1st amendment freedom of speech is given to all Americans. the tech giants who own social media and the mainstream media, are protected by Section 230 which says if they are platforms, not publishers they are protected from liability. As platforms,(FB, Google, Twitter etc), they are protected from liability and can't be sued. with that legal protection, they can cancel any account they deem inappropriate, including the President's. right now that means all conservative and Republican opinions and websites. All these social media giants are leftists and in bed with the DNC. Trump would have rescinded Section 230 if he had won and if Georgia had won both seats in the Senate. As it stands now, conservatives are almost voiceless online.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Then stop whining and create your own network where YOU can set the rules. Or, sit here like a crybaby and do nothing. I bet you pick #2.
  • Too many moronic conspiracy whackos, making claims they can never prove, trying to spread misinformation. Mostly low-IQ Republican Trump butt-lickers, for the most part.
  • Freedom of speech simply does not matter without the $15,000 for a lawyer.
  • They actually haven't banned that many people, but they are private companies and have every right to keep their sites free of both trolls and potentially damaging/dangerous false claims and other forms of misinformation. They are engaging, fundamentally, in moderation. This site is moderated. If you object to that, go elsewhere.

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