• I would never buy a home anywhere that was ruled by an HOA. They make up arbitrary rules that force residents to accept some "boards" ideas of what can be done with the property they have purchased.
    • Charin Cross
      I'd only tolerate that if I was a senior and didn't want to do yardwork or shovel snow.
    • dalcocono
      I have seen horror stories though of seniors who weren't allowed to fly a flag or paint their home or plant certain flowers on their lot. HOA's are the new nazis, IMHO.
  • If you didn't read the contract when you moved in there, that would be all your problem.
  • Obviously the people who buy homes in areas with HOAs don't mind them and may even approve of the types of rules and regulations they impose. The ones who don't like that sort of thing don't buy in such neighborhoods.
  • Some of us don't have a choice but to tolerate it. I personally can't afford to buy anywhere near my area except for places that have HOAs. So I can rent (often for more than a mortgage payment) and get told what to do while paying off someone else's home, or buy and have an HOA tell me what to do. Moving to another state is a common suggestion, but is short sighted and not a good solution. First time buyers and younger people with average incomes are quite screwed right now when it comes to home ownership.
  • "why people let others tell them what they can do or build on their own land?" It's called an AGREEMENT. When you buy, you are informed of the HOA rules, and you agree to them, or you don't buy. I prefer areas like these, as opposed to living in a neighborhood where half of the people can live like pigs, and there's nothing you can do about it except watch your neighbors destroy the value of your own home & property.

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