• I'll say a Cockerspaniel dog
  • It depends. Pit bulls generally make great dogs. They tend to be fiercely loyal to their families and will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love. So, if you lived somewhere you needed protection, that would probably be the safest breed to seek. If you have a young child who tends to be rough-playing with dogs, though, probably not a great idea. These muscular dog breeds tend to underestimate their own strength and that can be dangerous if the dog gets too excited. Dogs love to run and jump and play tug - it's a lot of fun until the dog starts tossing you around like a ragdoll. Same could be said for St. Bernards or Great Danes or even Greyhounds. If you are "DancesWithWolves," though, why not get a more wolf-like breed, like a Husky or Malamute?
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment :)

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