• I shower. Its too hard for me to get back up out of the tub with this arthritis.
  • Mr. Bubble! I have a deep soaker tub with 4 jets and a chromatherapy light. too much fun!
  • I'd like a woman to put in it, but alas, I am fat, ugly and poor, so no go there at all for that.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      There are plenty of fat, ugly, and poor women who might need a good washing. It might not be the best icebreaker to enquire, though.
    • Linda Joy
    • wiseacre
      Now to find the money to find her, get to her, and take time to woo her huh? A washing as an icebreaker, I gotta figure out how to do that then. lol
  • I used to do bath bombs but, those are too expensive. So I started throwing a tea bag in there when I went. It makes the water feel different and essential oil like. And it tints it slightly. The family sized black tea bags.
    • Linda Joy
      Make your own! And you don't need a mold, just use a meatball maker.

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