• I have reusable bags, and I had been reusing disposable bags as well. Here in Vermont, the state has banned plastic bags, so the disposable variety are slowly becoming more and more rare to come across. Those bags were great for stuffing in a pocket during dog walks in case of surprises. I wouldn't feel comfortable picking a dog-end with a burlap tote bag. ...but I am perfectly fine using those for groceries- they're strong and light and conveniently sized.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have a big dog? My dog's poo was small enough a sandwich bag would do for the do-do. But I haven't had a dog in a couple of decades and we were allowed to use it as the natural fertilizer it is back then. I like to keep a spare bag rolled up just in case. And when traveling. I always end up coming back with more than I left with.
    • bostjan64
      I have two dogs, one is a beagle-anatolan shepherd mix and the other is some kind of hound mix. The hound is maybe 2.5x the size of the beagle mix, but their poo is about the same.
    • Linda Joy
      What do they use in Vermont to pack your groceries?
    • bostjan64
      Whatever you bring with you to pack them in. If you don't bring anything, you have to purchase a tote bag or else you just carry your items without a bag.
  • I mostly use reusable cloth bags. Sometimes I pay for the plastic bags because I scoop the litter box into them.
  • Any plastic bags we get are reused to line our waste baskets.
  • I use reusable grocery bags.
  • No, and here's why: I get 5% discount at Walmart if I order pickup. Pickup bags things before you get there (in plastic Walmart bags).

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