• You'll need evidence to take to court of the noise, and that the noise is above a certain decibel, and evidence that that the authorities knew about the noise and didn't take any action. Authorities have to be given the right to do all they can first. It also depends on the courts at this stage as well, many courts will not make people homeless due to Covid even if they are behaving in an antisocial manner, best try and get some free legal advice.
  • Keep reporting it, and log when you reported it and when it happened again, how long it continued, and call a lawyer. If you have a case it shouldn't cost you any money upfront to hire the lawyer. If they think they can win they will want a percentage of your winnings. But ask them before hiring them. By the way this is the wrong category. Also if you think it caused medical problems get a signed declaration from your doctor saying it caused medical problems.
  • How is a noisy neighbor giving you medical problems?

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