• I thought the apartment on top of the Funeral Home was Heaven where all the deceased people went and I thought Jesus was also up there too
    • Linda Joy
      that's cute!
  • Someone told me that men and women were all the same, so for the longest time I thought women had male-parts. lol 😇😍😖
  • I thought women only peed!😌
  • Bout a year ago I'd have said God. These days, that line about anyone "being the master of their own destiny" for me is a chart topper. While it's a cool line in a Triumph song, I kinda doubt it since so much can change in a week. I just leave it to synchronicity. Good Police tune as well.
  • I believed what my mother told me.
  • I don't remember, and likely you don't, either. For example: most very young kids believe that cartoons are real. The road runner really does run through stone (he's magic). The coyote really does survive a 500-foot fall from a cliff. "I wish I could order some of that cool stuff from Acme." etc.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd rather have Batman's tool belt, or Wonder Woman's lariat!
  • That there was abundant love between my 4 siblings and both parents. There was some love after we all grew up, but nothing like I ever had assumed.
  • Lots, but this is the dumbest- I made up a story to scare my little brother. I said there was a skeleton monster living under the house in the tornado shelter. He blew me off and didn’t buy it for a second. But I began to believe the story I made up and became afraid to go down there!
  • That because I got spanked or switched for lying, that my mother must never lie. Then came the Tooth Fairy, followed by the Easter Bunny. Then the biggest whopper of them all...Santy Claus! The latter a grand conspiracy indulged in by everyone, including the TV news! Yeah, that was a real eyeopener, at a real young age. Taught me that most are habitual liars that will lie for no other reason than because lying is more convenient than the truth...or the lie is fun! And of those habitual liars, most are also apex hypocrites that will gladly punish or deride you for a lie you told, not more than five minutes before or after telling a whopper themselves. Quite the realization to lay on the doorstep of a six year old.
    • Linda Joy
      Poor baby. This sounds more like programming that happened long after you were 6. You see, lies like this are handled every day by billions of children with no problem, and they teach you how to tell a surprise from a true deception. I'm sorry your later programming has turned this into a problem for you. But you can choose to change that any day with your attitude towards the situation. So hay, stay defeated if you want, or grow up and admit the truth. These kinds of lies are harmless to most normal children
  • The Seattle Seahawks played in Washington DC.
  • Santa Claus
  • When I was a kid I believed in Santa but now that my mind is mature I realise it’s a silly thing to believe in Santa. I wish parents would stop lying to their children about such silliness like Santa.
    • Linda Joy
      Santa is not a lie. Santa is the spirit of giving and he is alive and well every time someone gives a present, not just at Christmas!
    • Shadow
      Santa is a made up character for children created by delusional people. Since you fail to see it that way, you are delusional and have an immature mind. You can’t prove your point there’s a Santa. If there is a Santa, show me his passport or birth certificate like real humans have. You need to grow up and get a reality check
  • I THINK that I - like most very young children - believed that cartoons were real. That's about the dumbest thing that I've seen any child believe, and in my experience it's pretty universal (at least: for children who watch cartoons).
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! You caught the dreaded Murzy disease where you double post. Hahaha
      Haha. At least both of my answers were similar...

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