• I thought the apartment on top of the Funeral Home was Heaven where all the deceased people went and I thought Jesus was also up there too
    • Linda Joy
      that's cute!
  • Someone told me that men and women were all the same, so for the longest time I thought women had male-parts. lol 😇😍😖
  • I thought women only peed!😌
  • Bout a year ago I'd have said God. These days, that line about anyone "being the master of their own destiny" for me is a chart topper. While it's a cool line in a Triumph song, I kinda doubt it since so much can change in a week. I just leave it to synchronicity. Good Police tune as well.
  • I believed what my mother told me.
  • I don't remember, and likely you don't, either. For example: most very young kids believe that cartoons are real. The road runner really does run through stone (he's magic). The coyote really does survive a 500-foot fall from a cliff. "I wish I could order some of that cool stuff from Acme." etc.
  • That there was abundant love between my 4 siblings and both parents. There was some love after we all grew up, but nothing like I ever had assumed.
  • Lots, but this is the dumbest- I made up a story to scare my little brother. I said there was a skeleton monster living under the house in the tornado shelter. He blew me off and didn’t buy it for a second. But I began to believe the story I made up and became afraid to go down there!

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