• naked feet.
    • Glambarber
      That's not answering my question.
  • Depends on who is wearing them. Sometimes I see women on TV that don't know how to walk in heels and they really look bad.
  • For men or women? Heels are unhealthy and show that the wearer is more concerned about how they look and what others think of them than their own health. And men who encourage the wearing of heels show he cares more about how she looks than her health. That said, heels are sexier than flats.
    • Linda Joy
    • Teykeny
      High heels are not for everyone. Although wearing high heels may seems very sexy, but people with muscular legs may not wear it properly. In addition, the shoes you wear need to match your clothes.
    • Linda Joy
      High heels are not for anyone who values their health, and some people like muscular legs. Besides that shoes matching your clothes is not a need, but a want. In fact, in some places shoes are a want and not a need.
  • High heel shoes are classy and supernormal. They make women look more attractive: Flats on the other hand are plain and normal.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      To leave a side note: anyone who says that high heel shoes are painful to wear should... 1. Be in good physical shape. 2. Get the right size. 3. Choose leather. 4. Wear insole cushions. 5. Learn to walk properly.
  • It depends on the woman.
  • I can't walk in heels so I can only wear flats.
  • My boots.
  • Heels.

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