• A loaded one.
    • Linda Joy
      A super soaker?
    • bostjan64
      Still better loaded than unloaded.
    • Linda Joy
      And even more effective if you put some cayenne pepper in it!
  • Don't be silly. It's what security and cameras are for,
    • Linda Joy
      I've never seen a camera stop a criminal yet!
    • Jeeves or Teech
      If they're obvious sometimes they will. depends on what you mean by "stop a criminal". If you mean to stop them by killing them, then yes a gun is better. Howeve if you mean to stop them by preventing them from even initiating the illegal actions .. then you will find it hard to measure the results that a camera can have -- you can't see something that doesn't happen. But if you mean to use your gun to stop criminals by killing them, then you run the risk of being a murderer. MANY many many people think they can kill someone with ease and then those that wind up doing it live haunted for the rest of their living days. Few soldiers come home traumatized by having to sit at a desk and file paperwork. Some are traumatized by having to fight for their lives most are traumatized by having to kill someone.
  • Shotgun is perfect for home intruders. The sound of that shell being chambered is the universal language equivalent of "Get the F*ck Outta My House."
  • I own a Remington 1100 shotgun in 12 gauge. I don't bother to chamber a shell if I have an intruder. I will just push the safety switch off and warn the dog to stand aside. You want to have a weapon that won't send a bullet completely thru your assailant's body. If you have to shoot some one, you want the bullet to stay in them and not go thru and hurt somebody else.
  • I only have a water pistol...
  • A Sig Sauer P-220. One shot stop.
  • If I needed that much protection I'd move. Safety has never been an issue for me because I don't do stupid things, and if I did I certainly wouldn't solve anything with a gun. I'd be more likely to get myself in trouble than I would be in stopping a criminal if I actually fired one of those things. 😆😉😗
  • never have a gun in the house
  • A crossbow
  • Short barrel shotgun, with few drops 'seven venoms' poison in each shell. Dead thugs tell no tales.
  • Water gun
  • Shotgun would be more practical, although a .45 would hold more rounds.
  • I'd use a revolver. they don't jam and they look like a real gun.

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