• He'd be a headless monster
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      So the bolts are the only thing holding him together?
  • You loose your hand? Wait first of all you'd have to be able to reach them!! Will there be lying involved? Is it morally acceptable to con a retard just to try and loosen his bolts? And why do you want to touch his bolts anyway? I thought his being tense was fire induced. Maybe he just needs a massage.
  • He speaks French. 😉
  • He will fall apart
  • The creature will have a screw loose
  • I could be mistaken (the bolts do NOT appear in the book), but I believe the bolts are used to energize his nervous system. I.e. they are electrodes used to transfer the electricity that brings Frankenstein's monster to life. SO: removing the bolts might do nothing...or more likely would cause serious open wounds while allowing air direct contact with the monster's nervous system.

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