• All depends on the employer, but I would list a produce grower or medical pharmaceutical suppler
  • Most employers aren't gonna want to hire someone who grows pot. Just sayin.
  • There is no reason to specify what type plants were grown. Are you a horticulture specialist or just a farm hand? That's where to focus. Is your resume academic or action oriented? And most importantly for what job are you applying? Just list what you learned or what jobs you preformed while there on 'the plants'. Were you also involved in distribution and sales?
  • Was this legally documented work? If so, then who cares? If not, then don't add it to your resume, unless you are applying for an illegal job. In the latter case, I'm not sure a CV or resume even fits the generally understood definition anyway.
  • Agriculture Purveyor
  • agriculture entrepreneur
  • farm hand duties included planting watering picking fencing you, may substitute the produce if required.

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