• Give her a drink. First of all learn you can't force her to do anything. It has to be her idea. Secondly unless the doctor says otherwise she'll eat when she's hungry. Just don't let her down from the table till she swallows or spits it out because that's a choking hazard. The more you fuss about it the more you allow her to learn how to manipulate and control you. If you haven't already teach her the words open (to open her mouth) and swallow and show her how. Then just don't let her down till she either swallows or spits it out. Another thing you may want to consider is what type or bite of food she holds in her mouth. Is it consistently the same? Does she like or dislike the food?
  • As long as she isn't losing weight then maybe feed her little and often, there are quite a few questions about this online, I'll leave the links here..

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