• Not that I can recall. What comes to my mind is the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" But besides that, I don't hold on to negative feelings I tend to spew, regret it and then get over it. It doesn't feel good for me to feel badly so I move on to something that helps me feel happy. And if I come to the realization that there is something about myself I don't like I do my best to change it - if its worth the effort to me. Not knowing the specifics its difficult to fully understand your situation. You can email me if you wish to talk about it. But it might be better to talk to an adviser or counselor. Maybe your pastor or bishop or a close friend. O.k. I remember a time when I was embarrassed because my mom told a story about me when I was young, but she did that with my sisters too. I think all mom's do. But then my mom wasn't 'normal' by anyone's definition! And its difficult to learn what 'normal' is if you've never seen it. What you grow up with seems normal until you become more aware. Oh well, would you like to share with the group what happened that affected you so deeply that you would be still thinking about it all these years later? Do you like thinking about it? Does it somehow help you to think of it over and over or do you just think about it from time to time?
  • I don't concern myself with what other people say.

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