• Hate it. I hate shopping period. Except for Home Depot. I could stay there all day.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you thought of ordering online and picking up curbside? Maybe after you finish browsing Home Depot all day? I could probably enjoy browsing Home Depot for a few hours!
    • Archie Bunker
      If I'm buying food, I'm gonna pick it out. I don't trust the store employees to give me a salad that isn't brown, or apples that aren't bruised up.
  • Just another chore, albeit made worse by Commissar Newsom the Gruesome's lockdown, social distancing, and all that commie rot.
  • I used to gird my loins once a week & drive to the supermarket, about an hour of my time & a 15mile round trip, then haul 5 or 6 bags from the car & up the stairs. Since Covid & the first lockdown in the UK I've used on-line ordering. The waiting time has come down from a fortnight to next day or day after because they've taken on more delivery drivers. Delivery charge is between £2 & £4 & I feel this is worth it for not having to drive, park, negotiate the supermarket (& other customers), queue at the check out & carry everything. I get a big order delivered every couple of weeks & will probably never go there again.
  • I used to hate it and still do for the most part. But being retired and becoming somewhat of a hermit gives me an excuse to get out of the house. I shop online for most of the non-food items except what I can pick up at Walmart. But I'm with Archie Bunker - I want to see what the food looks like before I buy it.
  • i love to shop and pick my own food out,,i would hate others picking out my vegies and way shopping is not for me,.

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