• i can say this because know one knows me hehe. on my bed the knobs come off and i put my jewellry in a clean sock and shove it in there, then put the knob back on. its a good hiding place because if anyone breaks into my flat they will never think of looking there.
  • Depends on what it is. If it's small and flat (money or can be put in a baggie) tack it up in the top/underneath a drawer. In a book on a shelf. In the attic.
  • In a shoebox in my closet or under my bed (which is 'closed' - you can't look under it - and have to remove the matress to look under) haven't really hidden anything since I was 14 or so...and it was drawings.
  • In me pants.
  • I have an online journal :) put most things there.. if i have a problem i usually turn to the people on Answerbag or do some researching
  • in the freezer-if it's money, jewelry or bodies :D
  • Oh dear, I'm afraid that's just between me and the emergency room staff... HIPA laws, you know? *laugh*
  • Valuables: fireproof safe
  • I have to hide stuff from my daughters all the time, my favorite hiding place is a white tall vase with plastic lavender flowers. I put all my secret things in there, soda,jewelry and things like that. They tend to just help themselves if I don't and I never see it again.
  • Dangling in a plastic bag in the aljibe.
  • I have a well hidden and password protected folder on my computer for written things, and I use the inside of one of the bed posts for other things.
  • I have many paddle brushes that I keep, even from years and years ago, and if I have small things, such as folded up notes & such, I'll rip the part with the bristles out and there is a hollowed out place within the brush that i put certain particles. I simply put the the bristled part back on and make it look like a normal brush. I tape the particles inside the brush down so they don't make noise. I used to have this chest of drawers that did not have a bottom when i was younger, and the drawers would come all the way out. I would take the last drawer all the way out and lie my journal down, and put the drawer back in. Oh yea, and I have a big book collection, but on the shelf all the books are put at least 2.5 inches away from the wall, and i hide things behind the books. The shelves I have are not a part of a bookcase, they are simply planks of wood drilled into the wall, with no sides, so it makes it simple to get whatever i want from behind the books. But beware, if you have friends or family members who like books and grab the wrong one to look at, they might see what you're hiding these are only some of the places I hide my things.
  • inside my pillow case and under my blanket
  • under my shirts
  • In the bin!
  • Up my arse
  • in my head,now
  • depends on the object. if it's cloth (like a shirt that might offend or a costume that i'm secretly working on for a convention), then i'll hide it in my closet with my normal shirts. they'd have to know what to look for. i'll usually try and hide it by or near like objects or in relative plain sight. if not one of those places, then i'll hide it in a drawer (if it'll fit) and cover it with old schoolwork.

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