• Linda Joy, I know You do.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never done that. Its been over 30 years since I lived over someone else.
  • Linda Joy, we caught you red-handed! I am more like the Rapunzel kind of. I say pretty things, and I rising up in their window. 'Hey, sweetie.' blink some cracks in the universe, I suppose? Let's call the doctor.
    • Linda Joy
      What are you talking about? Rapunzel was locked in a tower and let her hair down for her lover to climb up, didn't she? You hide outside and peep in windows? Is that what you said? No need to call a doctor for me. I'm well cared for! But thanks! I didn't realize I'd be missed so much, having been gone only half a day and I got two people calling me by name!
  • Yeah, it's payback for turning my floor into a subwoofer. :P
  • no, i would break rny neck
  • I don't dance on the ceiling. And its been over 30 years since I lived over someone else. I'm on the ground floor here so I don't have to worry about it.
  • No...I could never walk in Lionel Richie's footsteps....
    • Linda Joy
      That'd be a much better video if Lionel Richie could dance.

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