• Buzzers.
    • kevin7600
      ok, but what else?
    • mushroom
    • kevin7600
      ok, but I need a list
  • Beeeeeeees!
    • Linda Joy
      that was my first thought.
  • bees, flies, speakers, weed eaters, lawn mowers, wasps, ears, electrical appliances such as refrigerators, furnaces, fuse boxes, power lines, a fan, radio static, a saw, a card in the spokes of a bike, humming low with your ears covered, a chipper (not as happy as the word suggests, btw) amplifier static, a hand held massager (haha) a power plate, a sybian, some doorbells, some phone pagers, a phone ringing on vibrate. If you google it I thought I saw a site with actual sound files of buzzing noises that might give you more ideas. Here it is:
  • A recliner massager

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