• Not me
  • Yup. Actually, it was because of my gf. She thinks that tighty whities are sexy, is okay with boxers and cordially loathes boxerbriefs, which she calls a man's long legged panty girdle. Actually, though, thanks to my gf I have what I call the world's largest underwear collection. A bit of everything, including thongs! I typically wear the boxerbriefs in the colder months - andsince my gf knows how much I hate cold weather, she tolerates it. Otherwise, though, tighty whities - or maybe some color variant of the same. It keeps my gf happy, and I don't mind. Besides, what gf wants, gf gets.
    • Anonymous
      Honestly I'd prefer to wear boxer briefs but never found them comfortable. Somehow I'm comfortable in tw's although my girl isn't really fond of them and I guess I can't really blame her. She hated it when I first started wearing them (I wore boxers when we met) but she's gotten used to it I guess.
    • dorat
      Looks like we split the difference. As I mentioned, my gf really likes the look of a guy in tighty-whities. As for boxerbriefs, I am not a huge fan - she hates them - but I do wear them when it is quite cold out. It seems I shift with the seasons. Boxerbriefs in winter. Tighty-whities (or other briefs) in summer, and boxers in between. (Plus, truth in advertising, sometimes thongs in summer -- but you did not hear that from me.) Agree though about boxerbriefs. I can't figure - other than warmth - how they caught on. They are not that comfortable.
    • Anonymous
      That's cool your girl liked tw's, mine tolerates them but prefers boxers or boxer briefs by far. I would probably try a thong just for the heck of it but I could only imagine her reaction to that. Her reaction when she first noticed I had briefs on was priceless. She felt them first and said ooo boxer briefs babe? Let me see and yanked my pants down revealing my tighty whities. I think she said something like why are you wearing those?
  • Boxers are loose and made of light weight fabric. I find that on hot days they bunch up and are very uncomfortable. Boxer briefs, as far as I'm concerned, were a godsend and if I ever switch, it will have to be for something much better than regular boxers.

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