• Break their fall and take it from there.
  • Call an ambulance.
  • Put my hand on MY wallet to make sure I'm not about to be fleeced by a pick-pocket.
  • Ice man is correct as fainting is an excellent diversion for pickpockets. Presuming, however, a person has really passed out, check to that they are breathing and if not begin mouth to mouth resuscitation and have someone else call 911..
  • I guess i'll not take any notice.
  • I'll tend the patient while everyone else is protecting their wallets. I have no money to protect lol I'd make sure they're breathing if not CPR if yes elevate their feet make sure their clothes are not restricting blood flow and since we're in the market place I can ask someone to bring me some ammonia. If smelling that doesn't wake them up call 911!
    • Ice man
      Documents in your wallet, such as credit & bank cards, drivers licience, health insurance card, social security, and any other form of ID can be worth a whole lot more than the few measly bucks keeping the moths company.
  • call 911 and get them help

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