• no, ive never done that
  • Yes, When I was a Kadet at a military school I was in the band. I played the army bugle. (no valves) We played at football games and in parade days at the academy. I played and marched in the Battle of Flowers Parade in San Antonio, TX. I was also one of the buglers for King Antonio in 1955
    • Linda Joy
      That will give your lips a workout! I played flute.
  • I played trombone for three years, but only one year in marching band, and if I remember correctly, we only marched once. My school didn't have a football team.
    • Linda Joy
      My son played trombone.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Yeah, I have not touched a trombone since seventh grade. I never got very good at it. Our band wasn't very good, either. I remembered that we played a song called "American Patrol ." It was a weird arrangement, though. Typically the song is played as a march with um-pa low brass, but this different arrangement had a long note held for 16 beats (4 measures). The song usually clips along nicely around 120-140 beats per minute, but, since our band was so green, we played it at about 50 bpm. Between the marching and puffing a steady stream of 20 second long notes, I felt like my chest was going to implode. LOL

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