• Willy D Billiams
    • Ice man
      It's supposed to be on the list of things to come in the future, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • No and I turned the one at Facebook off. It just isn't my "thing".
    • Linda Joy
      Back when I had a computer and I had messaging every time someone messaged me my screen would freeze up for a few seconds. And this was back when I played FarmVille so I had a lot of messages! Especially if I tried to talk to someone because then everyone knew I was on! It got to where I couldn't even carry on a conversation! I took messenger off my computer and told them to use my email. When I speak to someone I think they deserve my undivided attention.
    • Rick Myres
      Similar was my experience but I always found I could do little else I wanted to do and that was not good so I turned it off.
  • not that i know of
  • No, but I am sure it is on the list of features.
  • Sadly not. It's one feature we desperately need here.
  • I was going to say its good to see you again, but then I noticed this is an old question. And we still don't have pm. I don't feel a need for it. My email works just fine for that. Its not like they don't let you post your email address here. In fact, I prefer all my pm's in one place. I'd hate to have to go to a dozen different sites for pm's. Until then you can go make an just for your AB messages!

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