• They're all promising! Few follow through. Trump has in several instances. The numbers are getting better (not sure how much of that can be contributed to him,but people will blame him if they're not! ), the haters are getting worse. He'll probably get no recognition for his treaty with N. Korea even though Obama was praised for his with Iran and he removed sanctions and gave them money for that deal! The disparities between them sicken me!
    • mushroom
      The two deals were supposedly about the same thing: to move either country away from their "death to America" chants. Now, we have tossed one aside while making another. Is it really just about money (saved/spent)?
  • He certainly has everyone's attention around the world.
  • unfortunately no
  • No, not in my opinion. He's a loose cannon with a burning fuse.
    • mushroom
      Trump only sees making his own deal - any deal - as a win for him, without regard to our status as the bully./hero being dismissed by a larger bully/hero down the road.
    • Ice man
      All in less than a month .....Like a spoiled brat, he walks away from his allies, opening the door for Iran to restart the advancement of nuclear weapons. Then he wants to walk away from NAFTA because he wants to screw his neighbors separately. Then he wants to bully, alienate, and insult his closest G7 allies and trading partners and slaps them with punishing tariffs, in the name of "National security" (insulting bullshit), which will ultimately cost many American "workers" their jobs at the same time as lining the pockets of his rich buddies. All the while he sings praises for his friend, the Russian thug Putin (who I'm sure is in Moscow dancing with joy and clapping his hands). If all this wasn't enough, he wants the Nobel Prize so bad that in his haste he gave North Korea, China and Russia everything they wanted by unilaterally deciding to agree to Kim Jong Un's terms of demilitarizing Korea for nothing more than the hope of future talks with NK about denuclearizing, with no guarantees or timeline. To which the orange buffoon signed a document that isn't worth the paper it's printed on, but stabs his allies, South Korea, and Japan in the back , as well as his own military personnel and the Pentagon. Oh and I especially (sarcasm) liked his comments about the beautiful beaches North Korea has and what a great place it would be to build hotels and condos. None of this adds up to a "promising leader".
  • All he cares is money and war
  • Yes and so far even with millions spent to oppose him he did pretty good.
  • The Bible admonishes this at Psalm 146:3 "Do not put your trust in princes Nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation.."
  • i hope so

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