• If it was Kellyanne, then, yes. If it was you, then, no. Oh, go on, then ! You have a certain irresistible twinkle in your eye !
    • Ice man
      Stop calling me Kellyanne !
    • Lilo Avli
      Without my glasses, I have big trouble telling you both apart !
    • Ice man
      I'm the "thicker" one, without the filed sharp teeth !!
  • Lol sure. I've shaved my head bald a couple times and my wife was not amused. I've got a receding hair line that's getting worse and a starting to get a bald spot starting. I imagine bald will be my only option fairly soon.
  • No, but I may cut it short if I have to have chemo and it thins
  • Jennifer Aniston thinks I'm sexy just the way I am.
  • I would not.
  • Does the phrase "someone's blowing smoke up your ass" mean anything to you? It definitely applies in this situation. Unless it's a medically related reason, I'm not doing it.
    • Ice man
      Is it safe to assume your profile avatar photo is really you ? If so ... I understand your answer. As far as anybody doing anything to my ass ... yes, I'm not into that kind of action. Not my type of life style, but I try to be kind to those that do ... so long as they're not flaming.
  • To answer you question in reverse, I did, they did!

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