• Bad and inconsiderate drivers who put the lives of others in danger.
    • Beaker Five-O
      I agree with you. I think half of the drivers near me have not even passed a driving test.
  • Whether the refuge men will come.
    • Beaker Five-O
      Is that all you worry about ?
    • Ice man
      I can see where it would be a problem if they don't. I was watching a program where the council in Liverpool were selling off a section of old abandoned and run down row houses for 1 pound each. I was amazed at the piles of garbage in the streets, where little kids were playing.
    • Beaker Five-O
      1 pound sounds expensive, for Liverpool !!
  • Having enough to pay the bills
    • Ice man
      Oh yeah, that's big one.
  • Only things I personally have control over.
    • Roaring
      as opposed to say natural disasters?
    • Mircat
      I dont worry about those. I have no control over them.
  • Nothing. As 99.7% of things worried about, never happen.
    • Linda Joy
      82% of statistics are made up.
    • mushroom
      4 out of 5 dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gum for their patient who chew gum.
    • Archie Bunker
      "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet just because Snopes says it's real." - Abraham Lincoln
  • I don't worry. I make other people worry.
  • not being able to get a job
  • What? Me worry? I don't even care!
  • everything

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