• i think the school is more important than the size
  • If you are talking about colleges/universities, sometimes a smaller school is better. Being at the top of your class in a smaller University will open more doors, than being 35th in your class at a big Ivy League school.
  • A smaller school is definitely better for the personality; but it is often the larger school which has a budget and connections to fill a wide range of needs.
  • Good schools are better
  • Good schools are better
  • The Small school is better for education. My child doing pre school in chennai, its a small school only and take best care of child, i am so happy for that to say.
  • Depends on what your goal is. Depends on the quality of the teachers. Depends on where the school is located and if there are sufficient taxes supporting the school.
  • Bigger schools are louder, and they bring more violence. Smaller schools are better for students who feel that they can learn best in quiet.
  • There are small schools and large schools that are very good. There are small schools and large schools that are very poor. * What seems to matter far more than size is: funding. A well-funded school, small or large, will offer a better education and better opportunities. * Note that a larger school will tend to offer better (read: more) extracurricular activities than a small school. But if you look at the list of the most successful schools in the country (by "successful" I mean: have the most students that both graduate and enter university), you'll see that larger schools dominate, but there are some smaller schools that also perform well.

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